Tour to Minhauzen's World

First we stop at....

SAULKRASTI (Popular Beach town)

First we stop at WHITE DUNE in Saulkrasti. 

Here is one of the most beautiful dunes of its kind in Latvia with great sight to the coast of Baltic Sea. The 18 metre high dune on the right bank of the River Inčupe where it flows into the Baltic Sea is a great spot to look out over the Gulf of Riga. Geographically, the White Dune is a sandstone layer, formed 405–350 million years ago. 

The dune also appears in the historical feature films of the Riga Motion Pictures Studio "Kā gulbji balti padebeši iet" (White clouds are passing like swans) (1956) and "Nauris" (1957).

...and then comes...

Munchausen’s Museum

Baron Munchausen is a typical representative of landed classes of 18th century with hunting and war as the main occupation. Hunting trophies, hunting horns, daggers, weapons, and Munchausen’s wax figure with a string of ducks – these are only some of the things you’ll find at the museum of Munchausen.
In Latvia the only collection of wax figures is being exhibited on the first floor of Munchausen’s museum. Many former and current celebrities have found their shelter there. Everyone can take a picture with Maestro Raimonds Pauls or basketball star Uljana Semjonova and other famous people.

...and on the way back...

Raganas Ķēķis (Cafe/bistro)