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Sigulda Sightseeing
Hi, Friends, this is assume!
If you are in Sigulda, you definitely need to see it as much as you can. For this reason the best choise is hop on - hop off Sigulda TourBus. Just in 60-70 min. tour around all popular places in Sigulda and Gauja National Park will let you understand - than

Sigulda is Magic!

Sigulda TourBus
Imagine. You are in Sigulda and want to find out as much as possible in short time. What is the best choise? Of course - Sigulda TourBus what will help you to explore Sigulda with style, comfort and pleasure. You will get most valuable and useful information about Sigulda's life. On bus is possible to get commentarys in 6 languages!
Nothing can be better and easier to get to know Magic Sigulda by Sigulda TourBus!
During this bus tour you will find out more about most interesting, popular and beautiful places in Sigulda. You will be in the middle of the city between two stations (bus and train) and on the other side of the river Gauja, you will be at the ancient Turaide Castle, at the challenging Tarzan Park, at the famous bobsleigh and toboggan track at both ends (both at the top and bottom of the track).
We will visit Sigulda district where it started to develop and got this magical comparison with Switzerland.  During the excursion, you will be surprised how beautiful and versatile Sigulda is and You will find out when and how this Pearl of Latvia Sigulda has developed!
Attractions you will see on the tour:  Sigulda New castle, Sigulda Old castle, Walking stick park, Gutmann's cave, Turaida museum reserve,  Bobslety track and many more
Sigulda is know by its natural beauty. And you can see it form the top of the Bobsleigh track and Turaida castle tower. The guide will tell you the stories that embrace Sigulda and Turaida.

Come, take a bus, relax and enjoy. So easy!

Working time:
 18. may - 30. august
Duration: 60-70min.

Thursday, fraitag, saturday, sunday from 10.00 

Starting place: 

Post office (against bus station)

Adults: 22 eiro
Children: (7 till 15) 15 eiro
Kids till 7 years free (max 2)
For more info or private tours call by phone: +(371) 2844-1199