Team building 
or how to make a pleasure time in Sigulda
Do you want to do something different in Sigulda?

 Here is the answer!

What is it?
It is a gift for someone. It can also be a company trip with stories about Sigulda and stopping for coffee/tea breaks. It can also be an original Wedding trip with stops at various places of love, because Sigulda is, after all, the City of Love!

It can be an unforgettable Birthday trip with various and surprise stops!

It's Travel as an Adventure!

Because... it can be both comfort and effort, both laughter and features... different.
Give Sigulda as a gift!
It is a new and great alternative to the usual and sometimes boring gifts!
We have various suggestions and challenges of wishes to give you the opportunity to choose the most interesting and appropriate one for you, starting with a very simple hike near nature and a cozy picnic in the forest, and ending with adventures that will end... with the real joys of SPA Baths!

Lets communicate, make brainstorm and put together a specialized GIFT for your company or group of friends, according to the wishes of the adventure!
Communication by phone first :)
+(371) 2883 4422