Bohemia of Cēsis

Discover the charms of one of Latvia's oldest cities on this private tour to the medieval town of Cesis from Riga. A historic fortress and spectacular natural landscapes await!

Cēsis Medieval Castle

Medieval Castle servant will escort you through the castle garden, discover the castle from its courtyard, feel the historic aura, climb the Western tower using lanterns and descend down to the old jail.

Cēsis New Castle – History and Art museum

Discover who were the first inhabitants of Cēsis, what life was like in the Middle Ages, see the interactive exhibition “Cēsis – a symbol of Latvian history” and the restored 18th-19th century castle`s interior. Enjoy scenic views from the castle’s Lademaher tower.

Guided tour prices

Book a guided tour by contacting Cēsis Castle complex by calling +371 64121815 or +371 26576111 or by e-mail [email protected]

Visit the Cēsis Castle manor - Home of the von Zievers family

Together with a servant of the castle, we will explore the history of Cēsis New Castle, when it was home of the von Zievers family in the 18th -19th century. Let's dive in the world of the manor, when there were special rituals, certain living standards, and different ways to spend time. We will find out what kind of celebrations were held in the manor’s great hall, what dishes were prepared in the kitchen and also where the wine cellar, the coffee room and the beautiful library was located.